Sesotho version:

Lesotho fatse la bo ntat'a rona,
Har'a mafatse le letle ke lona.
Ke moo re hlahileng,
Ke moo re holileng,
Rea la rata.

Molimo ak'u boloke Lesotho,
U felise lintoa le matsoenyeho.
Oho fatse lena,
La bo ntat'a rona,
Le be le khotso.

English Translation:

Lesotho, land of our Fathers,
Among countries you are the most beautiful.
You gave birth to us,
Within you we were reared--
You are dear to us.

God, please protect Lesotho.
Spare it conflict, spare it tribulation--
Oh you, land of mine,
Land of our Fathers,
May you know peace.

Lyrics: François Coillard
Music: Ferdinand-Samuel Laur
Adopted: 1967

Come on, people, "Har'a mafatse le letle ke lona?". A country, a city, a village, a home, nothing becomes beautiful if nobody is doing something to render it beautiful. What exactly are we doing, as Basotho and friends of Basotho, to make Lesotho beautiful? Burning the capital city is not going to do the trick. Do we believe what we sing in the national anthem? Do we? Do you?

"Rea le rata?" Let's show it a little, shall we? Let's start by LIVING IN THE COUNTRY if we can. Let's start by supporting home businesses. Let's start by voting when there are elections. Let's start by planting trees (you know, on that day that is set aside for tree-planting). Do we love Lesotho? Do we? Do you?

Heck, we are one people who speak the same language and share the same customs, yet we're butchering each other over political differences. Is that loving Lesotho? I think not. And I think that to earn the right to put our right hand on our heart and sing "Har'a mafatse le letle ke lona," we must invariably start by doing something for the country and for its dispossessed.

I also think that anybody who says "Rea le rata" should know what they're saying. Those aren't words to utter thoughtlessly.

Basotho, tsohang, before it is too late.

Does anybody have any thoughts on whether we should or not get a Mosotho songwriter to rewrite the anthem? (I've got nothing against the French gentlemen who did write it! I think they did a brilliant job, under the circumstances.)

If you do, please leave your thoughts here: T E P