Peace, or Khotso

Now, if you want a peaceful people, you've got the Basotho. The word (and the concept) PEACE has become:

1. A boy's forename: as in Hello, my name's Khotso Masilo
2. One third of the national motto [Khotso (Peace), Pula (Rain), Nala (Prosperity)]
3. A popular greeting: Khotso to one person and Khotsong to more than one.
4. The largest idea behind the national anthem of Lesotho (see next post), written by two French chaps.

The nation of Lesotho was founded by King Moshoeshoe I. How did he do it? Well, he simply gathered refugees fleeing regional wars (Lifaqane), fed them; asked cannibals (more hungry refugees) to join his clan, fed them, and there, you have it: Lesotho was born.

With so many different backgrounds, these people had to compromise and be understanding, otherwise...