Gap and Lesotho

You might be wondering why most of the time the Blog*spot banner at the top of this page has a Baby Gap commercial (advert) that says something like: Baby Clothes from -
Popular clothing styles and sizes for all infants at -aff
. If you click on the banner you are taken to the baby pages of Gap dot com. Well, the banner's up here because Lesotho does have relations with Gap. Gap runs sweat-shops in Lesotho and Basotho men and women and children sweat in them. A few people have been complaining about the particularly dreadful working conditions within those sweatshops, which is why Google robotically put two and two together and quickly hooked up Lesotho with Gaps.

200 people in more than 40 countries have given evidence of abusive working conditions in Gap sweat shops.

So there are voices speaking out against this extra injustice, but those voices largely go unheard. And what's more, it is oh so true that when a consumer has made his or her mind up about a product, few negative phenomena will change that mind.

So, rats to Gaps.