GWB Campaign

Everybody just keeps saying "Will Bush Get Re-elected?" or "Bush Won't Get Re-elected!" or "Does God Want Bush Reelected?" or "Bush will Get Re-elected!" My question is, elected to what, the governorship of Texas? Isn't that where he was elected last?

Did he or did he not win the presidency at the ballot? I want this cleared quickly because, you see, if so many people keep talking of re-election, then I get doubtful, and I start wondering about the authenticity of the information I have. If he did win, then go ahead and speak about a possible re-election. No sweat. But if he did not, then you have no business using the prefix "re-" for an event that has never taken place. "Re-" means anew, again.

Or maybe, just maybe all these writers do not really mean anew but about, just like in formal letters
Re: Last week's meeting in Milan.
In which case everything falls into place. Re-election, as in about election. That must be it, because if it isn't, somebody owes me a serious explanation.