Parisian Sues Chirac (Mohai oa Paris o Qosa Chirac)

A Parisian voter has sued Jacques Chirac for unfulfilled electoral promises. He says Mr Chirac made campaign promises to organise a referendum on decentralisation, but never did. The man, one Mr. Louis Breisacher, is asking for a symbolic 1 euro in damages.

Can we do that in Lesotho? Hmmm. Suppose we could. I wonder if our politicians, then, would promise only what was within reason and, once elected, would do everything to avoid being sued. I wonder if giving citizens the power to sue politicians is good in the long run. I wonder if Mr. Breisacher will win. I wonder if he'll even go to court. He's probably smiling mischievously over a nice glass of wine right now.

P.S. My apologies to my English-speaking readers. I haven't been able to find mention of this in the Anglo-Saxon press at all. On the French web, 20 Minutes (already linked to above) and seem to be the only two that mention it.