Anthem Verse 3, Stanza 1: Ke moo re hlahileng

Lesotho, fat'se la bo-ntat'a rona,
Har'a mafat'se le letle ke lona
Ke moo re hlahileng.

Verse 3 is pretty straightforward. Oh, if you've just joined us, we were having a thoughtful chat on the National Anthem of Lesotho, verse by verse. We've already talked about verse 1, Lesotho, fat'se la bo-ntat'a rona, and verse 2, Har'a mafat'se le letle ke lona. This is therefore verse 3, Ke moo re hlahileng, or It is the place of our birth.

Why shouldn't it be? I was personally born there, at Scott Hospital in Morija. My parents were born there, in the Quthing district. It is, it seems, the place of our birth. But we came from up north, if you recall. We came from Ntsoana-Tsatsi, to be exact, and found Baroa (Bushmen) inhabiting the area that is present-day Lesotho. In Sesotho, "boroa" means south, so that Afrika-Boroa is South Africa. Baroa means People of the South. They were there when we arrived!

We were born there but one of the previous generations must have got naturalised. Oh, it happens all the time. New-comers integrate their new societies frequently, and usually even become more nationalist than the folks that were already there. When the new-comers butcher the already established people, though, and grab their land, naturalisation it is not. I am told we lived and inter-married with the Bushmen so that we became one: Basotho. Ke moo re hlahileng. Hmmm.