GWB and Compassion

On the Bush and Cheney 2004 Campaign website there's a navigation tab for Economy, one for Compassion, one for Health care, and others. I clicked on the one for compassion. I don't know why, but perhaps because it seemed to be more out of place than the others, many of which seem out place, too. I clicked.

Scroll down and look right. There's a link called Compassion photos. I clicked.


It's just a bunch of Bush snaps, but wait a minute, who's he, and sometimes adults. Black, and one or two oriental looking. But essentially black. He's carrying a black kid now, and over there he's standing near something that has AFRICA emblazoned across it. I didn't know what to make of this subtle message. Doesn't America, by sheer numbers and not per cent, have more starving white folks than black? Of course, all things being equal, there's no comparison. More blacks go dinner-less and mattress-less. But, does this mean what I think it means or am I being touchy?