Komiti ea Motse oa Maseru (Maseru City Council)

The Lesotho government website says the following
The Maseru City Council is to review city bylaws, introducing stricter adherence and heavier fines for offenders. Acting Town Clerk, Mr. Teboho Mohlomi said the bylaws were aimed at regulating noise pollution, general cleanliness and the establishment of burial sites in residential areas. The bylaws would also assist in the control of the illegal slaughtering of animals in residential areas instead of at abattoirs as well as the reintroduction of a tax on pets. The bylaws are still in draft form and the public would be given opportunity for inputs and additions before the final draft is sent to the Minister of Local Government for endorsement. Once approved, the Maseru City Council would announce their coming into operation through a Council gazette, Mr. Mohlomi said. The absence of bylaws has hindered the Council's work as it was unable to control a lot of wrongdoing, including cars' noises in town and loitering of domestic animals due to lack of clear regulations, he said.
04 February 2004
Well and good. If we want our towns to look nice and pretty we have to make sure they are clean and that they are not noisy. I understand and I'm rooting for Ntate Mohlomi. I don't understand much about "the establishment of burial sites in residential areas," however. What about them? Are we trying to get burial sites removed or are we trying to make room for them in residential areas? Or do we just wanna control those that are already there?