Lesotho + South Africa = One Country?

Richard wanted to know if in Lesotho there were any proponents of a Lesotho / South Africa union. I don't know. I don't know of any such official group or personality. I think, however, that if there were such a group it would not make that conviction public. You see, Lesotho has historically been proud to have successfully repelled South African attempts to conquer her, and from the very beginning Lesotho has been claiming "the conquered territories", taken from Basotho by the Voortrekkers in 1865. Hardly the right atmosphere to stand up and say, "Hey, perhaps we could join these guys!"

My own thoughts on the matter are clear. I think it would be in the interests of both countries to unite, although any steps toward a union must be studied, meticulously planned and implemented gradually. That's what I think.