Reparations Conference

"Should reparations be given to indigenous peoples, descendents of slaves, subjects of colonialism and civilian victims of wars? This is a question whose time has come. From assertions of treaty rights in Australia or Canada, to lawsuits against corporations in the US, to UN findings on colonialism, to war claims brought before the World Court in the Hague, people around the world are demanding reparations for the injustices done to them. Should their demands be heeded?"
That's what they talked about at the conference attended by Brandon. It is an idea whose time is overdue. I don't want reparations. I don't know what other people may have gone through, but I, today, within the context of present day Lesotho, would not accept reparations even if they were rammed down my throat. I tend to think of each case as being particular. In my case, who would they come from? What would the amount be based on? Wouldn't they tarnish other demands and tend to quieten them down? Like I say, this should be case by case. Brandon has a lot more to say about this so don't hesitate to pay him a visit.