Risks to Food Security

The UN World Food Program lists risks to food security in Lesotho as being: periodic droughts, erratic rainfall, poor harvests, soil erosion and decreased soil fertility, extreme poverty characterized by unemployment, inflation, HIV/AIDS. In a country like Lesotho, that amounts to at least six mountains to move, almost literally.
  1. Periodic droughts: Can't do much about that, except perhaps to stock enough water for lean years and promote a humongous tree-planting campaign.
  2. Erratic rainfall: ditto
  3. Poor harvets: We will have stored enough irrigation water to offset periodic droughts and erratic rainfall (Hmmm). But we also need to stave off soil erosion because it is in fact the humus that is carried off to the ocean.
  4. Soil erosion and decreased soil fertility: ditto. See what the Head Heeb thinks about this.
  5. Extreme poverty: What can I say? We have a team in place, and the main job of that team is to make sure that Basotho stop suffering from poverty. It is possible, believe it or not.
  6. Unemployment, HIV/AIDS, inflation: For unemployment, see above; for HIV/AIDS, we need to stop having unprotected sex. STOP HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX!

I have said before that it is hard for a poor person to buy a condom. I take that back. It is hard to buy a condom for a poor person, but why buy it? There's a lot floating around. All you have to do is ask. If you are a regular screwer, ask for a carton of condoms and stick it under your bed. But for Christ's sake clothe your tool before you use it. It's important. There are at least three forces at work here.

One, condoms are safe, and were not devised by racists to wipe out the sable race. That's a load of crap. Excuse my French. Condoms are unsafe if they have a hole, otherwise they're safe. Two, you don't become less of a man by wearing a condom. You become MORE of a man, because then you assume responsibility and you protect your partner, traits of a man. Three, condoms do not reduce sexual excitement, they may even prolong it! What is sexual excitement? It is not slam-bam-thank you ma'am. It is a shared experience between two people in love, and the longer the better. And of course the more you know you're doing something safe and protected, the more relaxed you become, and the more perfomant you are. Condoms prevent unwanted pregnancies and protect users from HIV/AIDS and VD, they increase masculinity, and they increase and prolong sexual excitement. Stop having unprotected sex. It's stupid.
Inflation? See our team.