Another RSA Blog on the Scene

Darkie's Place is another South-African blog that I've just recently known about. It says that it is
The online home for Xhosa speakers (and those who understand the language!). A place where the world can be seen from a different set of eyes ... a place where we can laugh at ourselves, learn from ourselves and love ourselves ... a place where we can embrace our 'loxion culture' ... a place to inspire ... a place where we can be black, loud and proud!
Have a look-see. There are small bits of posts in English, but it is essentially in isiXhosa. It is good to see the southern African section of the blogosphere growing. I personally advise Darkie's Place to visit BlogAfrica, in order to be seen by the rest of us. And I want Darkie's Place to know that aggressive comments like the one posted here are not constructive at all, and plainly serve no purpose. The idea is to pull together, not to push each other.