Anthem verse 5, Stanza 1

1. Lesotho, fat'se la bo-ntat'a rona,
2. Har'a mafat'se le letle ke lona
3. Ke moo re hlahileng,
4. Ke moo re holileng,
5. Rea le rata.

Verse 5, Rea le rata, is not yet true. It translates into We love her, or She is dear to us.
1. Lesotho, land of our fathers,
2. Among worlds you are the most beautiful,
3. You are where we were born,
4. You are where we grew up,
5. You are dear to us.
No! Anything that man loves becomes an object of obsession. His car, his shoes, the woman he's in love with, himself. The latter are pampered and taken care of in unimaginable ways, but Lesotho isn't on that list and Lesotho isn't pampered in any way by any man, woman, girl or boy that I know. If you pamper Lesotho the way you do things you love, let me know. I'll be thrilled.

But what do I mean, pamper Lesotho? Glad you asked. Vote! Register to vote and do it. Don't vote blindly, though, but go ahead and listen to what the candidates say they will do. Vote for the most entreprising and convincing one, and--this is important--hold them accountable. Remind them that they lied to you, if they lied, and demand action. Bang your pots! Nothing will come of anything without your active involvement.

Voting is a right, and voting ensures that you are respected. There are many other ways of pampering Lesotho (One, Two), and I'm sure you can come up with one or two. How about planting a tree per year? Otherwise Rea le rata, as part of our national anthem, remains little more than moot.