In their international news section, the Globe and Mail dot com classify international news into United States, Europe, Middle East and South Asia, and Asia-Pacific. Darn! We've been left aside once again.

UPDATE: Africa's now in as Africa-Mideast. Go figure. On 2 June 2004 when I clicked on Africa-Mideast, here's what I saw:
Allah and al-Sadr inspire a cult of insurgents

BAGHDAD - The Islamic warrior limps across the mosque courtyard, recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered as he fought U.S. tanks with rocket-propelled grenades in the holy city of Najaf last week. FULL STORY

Minister has stilettos and an iron will

BAGHDAD - If the amount of gold she wears around her neck and arms were an indication of her position in the Iraqi government, she would probably be president. That idea isn't far from the truth. FULL STORY

Terrorists put Saudi stability in peril

CALGARY - The militants attacking Westerners in Saudi Arabia have so far lost every one of their battles, with each attempt to disrupt crude exports ending in bloodshed and abject failure.But their short... FULL STORY

U.S. troops prepare to leave Haiti

- With Haitians still struggling to recover from the floods that have ravaged parts of their country, U.S. troops prepared yesterday to pull out and turn over command to a new United Nations force... FULL STORY

Hunt continues for escaped hostage takers in Saudi Arabia

KHOBAR, SAUDI ARABIA - Saudi authorities hunted yesterday for three suspected al-Qaeda militants who used hostages as human shields to escape after a weekend assault on a residential complex that killed 22 people,... FULL STORY

Coalition, council deadlocked over Iraq president

BAGHDAD - Iraqi Governing Council members accused U.S. officials yesterday of pressuring them to accept Washington's choice for Iraq's new president, prompting a delay in the announcement of a government... FULL STORY

Turkish trial for suspected al-Qaeda members delayed
Istanbul - The trial of 69 suspected members of a Turkish al-Qaeda cell accused in a string of November suicide bombings in Istanbul was postponed yesterday after the court ruled that it did not have the... FULL STORY

Saudi man given lashes, jail time for beating wife
Riyadh - A Saudi man who severely battered his wife, a popular television host, has been sentenced to six months in jail and 300 lashes, Saudi media reported yesterday.Muhammad Bakar Yunus Al-Fallatta... FULL STORY

Court rules Liberia's Taylor not immune from charges
Freetown - A UN-backed court for Sierra Leone ruled yesterday that ousted Liberian leader Charles Taylor is not immune from prosecution for alleged war crimes. Mr. Taylor, who lives in exile in Nigeria... FULL STORY [ Source... ]