Hilton Tours and Safaris

On our mountain safari we ascend spectacular mountain passes, traverse hairpin bends, rolling green hills and dramatic and awe-inspiring sandstone cliffs. The Roof of Africa trail allows one to travel for days without seeing a solitary soul allowing one to feel that you are the first explorer of this ruggedly beautiful country.

We ascend the awesome Sani Pass, summiting at 2 874 metres. This is the Roof of Africa Highway, the highest road on the African continent. This trail is for those with a sense of adventure and the soul of an explorer! We journey along the Roof of Africa Highway, over Black Mountain and through the Nesting place of the rare and endangered Lammergeyer - the Bearded Vulture - in the Sehonghong River Valley.

True, Hilton Tours and Safaris are trying to sell you a trip. But believe me none of their blurb is false. They just haven't told you about the AIDS-stricken, hungry villagers and the soil-eroded countryside. But why should they? Their job is to show you the most beautiful parts of Lesotho. It is my firm belief that tourism is going to be one of our saviours, and that belief is based on several factors. I think we need to bend over backwards in order to attract tourists; it can't be that hard, since they're already flocking to South Africa and Botswana. But what are we doing instead? We're not doing anything much, in fact, apart from almost literally chasing them away. It's sad.