Lauren's Adventures in Lesotho

We don't have a shower. We have a tub with a sprayer thing to wash our hair. It was a bit difficult at first, and I definitely got a little out of control with the sprayer thing, but by the end of the bath, I think I figured out a system that works pretty well, and best of all, we have HOT WATER!

Today we met with Dr. Mphu Ramatlapang who is an extremely intelligent and kind, mover-and-shaker kind of woman. Dr. Ramatlapang actually runs a private hospital about one hour south of here, and Bill says that it is the best hospital in the country. On Monday, Ramatlapang is taking us to the hospital and also to visit a school there with a good disabilities program (since Shelley is an occupational therapist). It was a wonderful meeting!
Ramatlapeng. That's how her name is spelt. Nevertheless, what an interesting read! Full of pictures, too. If you're a Mosotho out of Lesotho reading Lauren's adventures might help you come to terms with that fact. If you're not a Mosotho, you'll learn a lot about how it is like being a Mosotho. Lauren, please say hello to Ausi Mphu, whom I know well.