Lesotho Politics

About two million people is how many we are. About how many political parties would you guess we had in Lesotho? Is it better to have fewer political parties than more political parties? Is America better off with their three or four, or is Lesotho better off with its nineteen (yes, 19)? It seems to me that for a country of any size, nineteen political parties is sheer folly. How many schools of thought can one, single country have? Five is reasonable, ten is dangerous, nineteen is madness. All it does is prove our divisiveness. We are a divided people, and we're not ready to see eye to eye. Many of those parties probably share ideologies and believe in the same basic approaches to governance, but they will not pull together. And there's that old, African desire to be king. Everybody wants a bigger chunk of the pie, so what does everybody do? Form a party.

We've seen it all over the place, and we know that the one who eats good is the one who runs the country. And the leader's village and friends eat good, too. So we vote people, not ideas, people, not country, people, not reason. In order for Lesotho to move forward and in order for our democracy to take hold, sprout roots and grow, we must re-think the way we do politics and we cannot afford to have this many parties. It's senseless and self-defeating. It is possible for all of us to eat good.