Lesotho's Orphans

An AIDS orphan. I saw this term for the first time upon reading Sarah Crowe's account of her meeting with children whose parents have been taken away by the dreaded illness.
Thaba Tseka is one of the worst hit districts in Lesotho and the locals blame the the [sic] Katse Dam, which is part of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project which attracted migrant labourers from far and wide. Now they fear the HIV/Aids prevalence will be even higher once the pending Maluti highway project reaches their village.
The good (dam) and the ugly (AIDS). Lesotho must have that water project up and running and finished soon. It is going to be the livelihood of many-a-Basotho. As a result Lesotho needs to develop the backroads so that this project can be operational. But that very development of backroads means diseases like AIDS reach the mountain populations faster. And getting treatment for HIV up there is probably next to impossible. The good and the ugly.