Psychology of Blogging

Why do we do it? What drives the blogger to wake up and blog, day in and day out? I think that the answer may be different for each one of us out there. And I think that each of those blogging reasons, unique to each blogger, probably has its own raison d'être. John M. Grohol has some thoughts on why we blog. He says, among other things, that
Most weblogs are drivel, banal shit written by angst-ridden teenagers and adults sharing feelings, thoughts, and mind-numbing details about their daily lives that provide little insight into anything or anyone. But the gems can be found amongst the long-since abandoned or forgotten sites. These gems are personality- driven. That is, the person or persons writing for them are genuinely interesting. They are storytellers. They understand the need for a beginning, a middle, and an ending. They draw together like-minded links into themes for the day, for the week, for a lifetime. The authors of such weblogs and online journals have an inner drive for their work. They don't look for adoration or attention from other folks online. It comes to them naturally by the power of their work, by the originality of their stories, or by the genuine nature of their words.
I thought it amusing that the bottom of Dr. Grohol's blog page has this link. Perhaps it is meant for people who run bad blogs?