Toying With a Right

According to a fifth generation TNS-Sofres poll conducted on behalf of Le Monde, RTL and LCI, as much as 70% potential voters consider Sunday's coming elections in France the opportunity to show they are not satisfied. That translates into voting for Monsieur Le Pen's ultra-right party.
L'extrême droite, qui continue de monter, recueille 16,5 % des intentions de vote. [...] L'envie d'un vote-sanction progresse, le [Front National] menace.
Wait just a minute! Are these people so blasé with voting that they can afford to vote for one party just to spite or punish another? That's insane. The vote is supposed to be a calculated, well-thought out, almost sacred undertaking. The future of the voter, of the voter's children, and indeed of all of the voter's country depends on it. Voting for Jean-Marie Le Pen and his daughter is tantamount to throwing away a valuable voice and encouraging the rightist party into thinking it has a chance. I wish votes, and the right to vote, could be given as hand-me-downs to countries that could use them.