What The Hell Is This?

This is not at all what a government website for the promotion of a nation's tourism should look like. In the beginning, and that was a few months ago, I thought it was all temporary, and that the real site was under construction. Well, no. Anybody who might be interested in going to Lesotho, after hearing about Lesotho from some of us who live abroad or reading about it somewhere, any such potential visitor comes across these non-professional pages that do not offer one nano-morsel of information about tourism in Lesotho. There's a poll that asks,
What do you think about this site?
Ummmm, not bad
The best one!
what the hell is this?
That small "w" on "what" is on the webpage, ladies and gentlemen, and these are pages that use the address of the Lesotho Tourist Board. Now, who's supposed to be running that show? Because there isn't a show to speak of. Some people that I've talked to about Lesotho get back to me and wonder if I've given them the wrong address. There's nothing wrong with using pre-fabricated websites (PHP-Nuke in this case), but the webmaster and the project manager have to take care of the site on a daily basis. If not, people will go once, maybe go back a second time, and that's it--lost visitor, lost potential tourist. Hell, it's like somebody, somewhere doesn't want Lesotho to have tourists. Why would that be? Got enough bread on the table? Well, some folks don't, and tourism might mean improved livelihoods for thousands of people. I'm going to seriously consider writing an open letter to the ministry in charge of this. It is inacceptable, moreso due to the difficulties we're going through in terms of drought and famine.

What is the use of having the horoscope on a government's tourism website? I wonder. When you click hopefully on "Web Links" you get: There are 0 Links and 0 Categories in our database. Unpertubed, you might try "Topics." You end up with dead links to Adelfang Computing, Linux, Microsoft, Computer Hardware, Computer Software and others. Who the hell is Adelfang Computing and what the hell are they doing on these pages? What the hell are the rest of those companies doing on these pages? Put yourself in a potential tourist's shoes. What do you do? Wouldn't you pop a blood vessel? I'm not a potential tourist and I have popped one, big time. I mean, what the hell is this? And what does it mean?

Does it mean that there are actually people, who have been voted into or placed in positions of power, who don't give a rat's ass what happens to this website, as well as to well-meaning folks who might visit it? Again, why would that be? Is it because those people are full and won't work unless they're hungry? That's the way we used to conduct politics and business. Once on a respectable rung on the political ladder, people used to sit and do diddley, let things rot, indulge in serious nepotism so that nobody says anything about nothing. I know, we're supposed to be past that stage. Today we have an elected, democratic government. But that is precisely why I'm ticked off that this website has gone unnoticed or has been ignored until now. It even figures on the government site's links page. Will somebody please remove this from the eyes of the world and put up respectable pages that contain
What Lesotho is...
Where it is...
Why it should be visited...
How much it costs to visit it...
When it should be visited...
Who the Basotho and southern Africans are...
Just that. The site might be improved afterwards by adding information about visas and currency and DOs and DONTs lists and so on. But the five WH-questions and the H-question are more than enough to provide the basic information that will certainly not tick people off and drive potential tourists to click on tourist websites of other countries. That's all I'm asking, now.

Alternative sites:
_Lesotho Parks
_Government Website: Tourism
_Lonely Planet
_See Lesotho
_Columbus Guides
_Malealea [pony trekking]
_Afri-Ski [skiing]
_Cheap Hotels and Motels
_Club Maluti [skiing]
_Amohela [fly fishing]
_Africa Guide
_Aloe Tours [aloe safari]
_Morija Fest [culture]

If we don't or can't fix those pages, why not remove that useless information and make an index list of all websites in relation with tourism in Lesotho? I've just compiled one with 14 interesting and useful sites. And if I can, while it's not my job but duty, then the person whose job and duty it is should be able to compile a more extensive one. An annotated one would be nice.

The Embassy of The Kingdom of Lesotho in Washington has a very informative tourism page that does the job better than all of the pages of the Tourism Board website put together.