Dorothy says...

"Dotty has been assigned to the township of Mafeteng, in Lesotho. We've not heard much news from her lately, but she has a semi-permanent address to send mail now."

I don't know who Dotty (Dorothy) is, nor what exactly she is doing in Lesotho. But she knows how to take pictures. The one above is hers, not mine. Every right on it belongs to her. My heading is Dorothy says. What does she say? She says
My life here in Lesotho is rewarding and exciting - I meet new people all the time, and there are many opportunities to be of help here. Before Christmas, we organized new clothes for 271 orphans in our area. Before that, I helped with food parcel distribution, and home visits to sick ones. There are some serious Public Health issues in our town that I am addressing, such as running sewage. Today I found another running sewer cap. Just to FIND the right person who can help is virtually impossible.
That conical hill in the picture is named Qiloane, and legend holds that the shape of Mokorotlo, the Basotho hat, was inspired by it. Maybe it was. Today Mokorotlo is the national symbol of Lesotho and is practically everywhere. You can find out more information about Mokorotlo here.