Fighting Bribery (Ntoa ea Tjotjo)

Carmel Rickard ponders Lesotho's actions to stamp out bribery, and draws some parallels with South Africa.
If Masupha Sole had worked for Pretoria rather than Maseru, would he have ended up in court? Would he now be in jail? And those powerful international companies who paid him so well - would they have been relentlessly investigated and prosecuted if they had bribed a senior South African official?
Okay, I am gloating a bit, but I don't get that many opportunities to do so! Rickard goes on to say that bribery has always been recognised as one of the enemies but nobody ever had the guts to fight it. "The court took the opportunity to speak strongly about corruption and to issue a challenge to the international community, whose members invariably do the bribing," Rickard says.
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