Lesotho Diplomatic Mission in Paris?

Lesotho has no diplomatic representation in France. All diplomatic activity both for the government and for Basotho in or going through France was coordinated through the embassy in Bonn, Germany. But that seems to have been taken care of, at last.
King Letsie III has announced that the government of Lesotho has decided to open a new diplomatic mission in Paris, France. Accepting the letters through which Ambassador Jean Felix-Paganon has been accredited to Lesotho in Maseru on May 25, the King said this was in recognition of the excellent relations existing between the two countries. It is believed that with Lesotho having a resident representative in France, cooperation will be enhanced.
I had often been asked why there were no diplomatic relations between Lesotho and France. My answer was always two-fold: One, Lesotho and France have historically enjoyed relations through the church, then and today, and that requires no official exchange of emissaries; and two, France may not have sent anyone to Lesotho, but Lesotho has sent me to France, hasn't it?
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