Lesotho's Peace (Khotso ea Lesotho)

"The prevailing peaceful atmosphere and stability in Lesotho after the 2002 general election is being recognized internationally, with not only the Commonwealth Secretary General, UN Secretary General and other heads of the UN's specialised agencies visiting the country but also heads of state such as the recent visit by Botswana President Festus Mogae.

In an official government statement after the recent visit to the country by President Mogae, the Prime Minister, Mr. Pakalitha Mosisili, said this year alone Lesotho has seen official visits by the Director General of UNESCO, the UN Secretary General's Special Envoy on the Humanitarian Crisis in Southern Africa as well as the UNICEF and UNAIDS Executive Directors, in addition to the heads of the UN and the Commonwealth.

The Prime Minister said another example that Lesotho's peace process is being noticed internationally is the fact that the country has been appointed to hold prominent positions globally, including the chairing of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation.

Lesotho also chairs the SADC Parliamentary Forum, the SADC Executive Committee of Electoral Commissions Forum as well as Board of Directors of the Electoral Institute of Southern Africa and is also a member of the caucus of African Ministers of Education. In the newly formed African Union, Lesotho has been elected the first member of the Security Council while this country is president of the Executive Board of UNICEF.

Mr. Mosisili said these achievements by Lesotho are a sign that the country is on the right track. "We are also heading for our first Local Government elections and since Botswana is well ahead of us on this respect, we will consult them for our own benefit," he said.

Botswana has a strong and stable democracy as well as sound economic development from which Lesotho can benefit, the Prime Minister said, reminding the MPs as well as the nation that the two countries share similar language, culture and ethnic groupings such as Bataung, Bakuena and Bakhatla.

Mr. Mosisili expressed the country's gratitude to Botswana for contributing a lot in the processes towards achieving peace and stability processes in Lesotho since 1970. Botswana was at hand to assist as well during the political disturbances of 1994 and 1998."

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The statement was made by the Prime Minister, ntate Pakalitha Mosisili, and appears on the Lesotho government website. Read it with those two facts in mind. On the other hand, there is no reason not to believe the statement in its entirety. Recently, the only news that has been coming out of Lesotho is good news, if you don't count the football losses to Botswana. Lesotho seems to be on the right road and, well, it's about time. What does being on the right road mean? It means we'll soon be able to feed ourselves, we'll soon end the poverty spiral, and we'll soon kick AIDS/HIV's butt. How we define the word "soon" is another matter entirely.