Many Ways to Skin a Cat

I had to share this find. I recently purchased a high-quality computer sleeve from a small boutique manufacturer. I was checking if it could be washed. The photo is the attached tag with the washing instructions in both English and French. The English is exactly what you would expect and so is the French, for the first 6 lines. The last three lines of French are most interesting. "We are sorry that our President is an idiot. We didn't vote for him." [Nous sommes désolés que notre président soit un idiot. Nous n'avons pas voté pour lui.] Given recent strained relations between our two countries [France and America], it's good to see that not all Americans agree with the current administration [See image and read on].
I find this one of the most brilliant ways of political fighting. It is subtle, gets the message across, relies mostly on one person telling another (trust in the popularity of the message) without the use of big bucks on advertising, and is amusing. That, to me, is how an effective political message should be. But not everyone can use methods such as this one. In Zimbabwe they'd shut down your shop before you could say RobertMugabeRhodesiaIanSmith. And in Lesotho? Can such a tactic go unpunished? Most probably, yes, seeing as how the government is legitimate and has so far been open and transparent.