Mogae's Speeches in Lesotho

Whenever I hear our leaders talking about "we've got to do this and we must do that," my first reaction is, "Great, but how?" My determination is fueled by the presence of proposals for action, and even more by the action itself. Botswana's President Mogae is in Lesotho, and he has been addressing the country's political bodies. IOL says
Given the small size of the economies of the southern African states, Mogae said it was imperative the states worked together as members of the newly structured Southern African Customs Union (SACU) to ensure better access to global markets.
He said many other meaningful things, things that I enjoyed hearing, but when's the when? I think most of us have got our sleeves rolled back and our spades in our hands. We have kind of pinned down the "how" of it. We're itching to get into the "when."