Mzansi Afrika Says...

Mzansi Afrika tells us of cross-border, Lesotho/South-Africa celebrations on the occassion of the latter's 10 years of democracy. The Maseru bridge will apparently be closed since the party will symbolically be going on on both sides. Why there? Well, Lesotho did play a role "during the liberation struggle to make South Africa the democratic country it is today." And so did other states, I would say. But then maybe their bridges too are gonna be the scene of anniversary celebrations.

Lesotho was struck in
1982, xx xxx South African army raids Maseru, Lesotho, killing 42 people. [...] 1982, 09 Dec South African forces raid houses in Maseru, killing thirty members of the ANC and seven women and children caught in the crossfire. A chain of sabotage incidents within South Africa are blamed on the ANC command structure in Lesotho. The incursion is widely condemned,
and again in "1985, xx xxx Another raid on Lesotho is followed by a coup. Jonathan Leabua's administration falls." [ Source ]

Yes, those days were hard, and people died meaninglessly. But there's an even greater contribution, in my view. Leabua Jonathan, the first Lesotho PM following independence, was practically kept in the seat of power by the south African apparatus. You see, he ruled from independence in 1966 till 1970, when he lost the election. He decided to suspend the constitution and go on a killing and torturing spree, the victims being at once opponents to his government and the legitimate government. South Africa liked Jonathan because he was a git, and so they propped him up and helped him stay in power...until he went bad and started being pals with the likes of Castro in Cuba and Kim in North Korea. That's when the honeymoon ended and Jonathan started going down. But not before he had ruined and devastated the country, killed or chased away a lot of Basotho, and driven into the ground any entrepreuneurial strength our young country might have had.

That is the bigger sacrifice that I hope is also going to be remembered. A destroyed country, killings of the innocent, even 3-year-olds, and lives spent in exile.