No Boundaries?

Southern African countries will attain freedom when all boundaries made by the colonialists are removed so that people can move freely among the countries without producing passports. This statement was made by Mosiuoa Lekota, South Africa's defence minister, during the Lesotho cleansing and healing ceremony held in Maseru for all refugees who were killed by the South African Defence Force (SADF), during the cross border raids of 1982 to 1984.
Huh? Did I hear right? Are our leaders seriously pondering this or is it just political talk? Only time will tell. But the prospect reminds me of Schengen, and it gives me hope. Hope that these imaginary lines drawn by foreign invaders for their own good and profit will eventually go. Hope that Basotho across the border may someday mingle freely with Basotho on this side of the border. And this goes for Batswana and Maswatsi as well. Hope that the healing is really beginning.
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