There are many people from all corners of the world, and from all walks of life, who end up in poorer countries to teach or to preach. I wish all of them had a web presence so that others could find out the needs of these poorer countries right from the horse's mouth. On their website, Don and Donna Hanford say that
The goal is to raise sufficient funds to send a sincere dedicated couple to the Leribe district of Lesotho, Southern Africa to aid the staff at the Catholic Technical School of Leribe to develop and implement an Information Technology department. Financial support for this project will be based on "doing what is right when no one is looking." It will not be income tax deductible and other than the people in Lesotho who are helped very few people will know about it.
Don and Donna spent two years in Lesotho with the U.S. Peace Corps, and worked at the Catholic Technical School of Leribe, teaching various disciplines, including management techniques, computer technology and computer literacy. If you know of other Peace Corps or volunteer or just Lesothophile websites, please let me know so that I may speak about them in these pages.
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