Khethollo Paris? (Du Racisme à Paris?)

Eh, oui. This morning I went down to get croissants, pains au chocolat and a job advert magazine. I walked into the newspaper shop and asked for job advert magazines.

--J'ai Le Marché du Travail, the fellow said.

--Je cherche plutôt quelque chose comme Courrier Cadres, I said.

--Ah, oui, je l'ai. Mais je le propose rarement parce que, vous savez, c'est pour les cadres!*
Son of a bitch. The first magazine he mentions usually has manual and other blue-collar job offers. But how does one react, in general, to such behaviour? My usual reaction is no reaction at all...go on as if nothing had happened...and hope that perhaps that in itself suffices to sow some doubt in the racist's mind. Like, What? He didn't whip out a razor blade and slit my throat? I also get regular comments in supermarkets, whereby I'm asked where the potatoes or the onions are. The speaker has already concluded that, one, I work at the supermarket, but also that, two, I'm in the produce section.

--I've got Le Marché du Travail, the fellow said.
--I'm looking for something more like Courrier Cadres, I said.
--Ah, yeah, I got that. But I rarely talk about it because, you know, it's for management level jobs!