Rachel o re... (Rachel Says...)

Rachel speaks of her
article about SW Radio Africa. Shockwaves of Freedom SW (Short Wave) Radio Africa is a radio station based here in London and reporting on life in Zimbabwe.
As many of you will know, Robert Mugabe's government, among many other cruel acts, has severely repressed the free press, and this group of exiles (for they have been banned from returning because of their work) are using the short waves to report honestly on what's happening on the ground. Please have a look at South West Radio Africa's web site while you're at it. These people are doing what journalism is really all about, and they deserve all respect for it.
She doesn't know it, but I sometimes sneak over to her site to grab an article for one or another of my English language courses. Rachel's article, Shockwaves of Freedom, appears in the latest issue of IPI Global Journalist. The article concludes by saying that
in 1980, it was, ironically, shortwave radio that helped Robert Mugabe and the Zanu party win their first election; now shortwave radio is being used to rally his opposition. "It may seem ironic, but it's not only that," Mundawarara says. "I was speaking to a man on the show the other day who said that these are the things we use to organize people we're using tried and true methods against persecution. We don't need to reinvent the wheel.