Ant thoughts

"LAUNCH (Lesotho/Alexandra Uplift for Needy Children) is committed to helping needy children of both the Kingdom of Lesotho and Alexandra Township, South Africa, grow into healthy, educated, principled and self-reliant adults.

We strive to make a positive difference by providing scholarships, personal guidance and other assistance like food, shelter, clothing and medicine. Our model is based on establishing profound one-to-one relationships and availing children with a trusted counselor with whom they can freely discuss their education, social issues and personal direction. We require our children to strive for academic excellence and to be responsible citizens of the world around them."

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There you go, bending over backwards to help us. We appreciate it. And I'm sure those souls that are receiving the promise of a better future because of your efforts will always be grateful. Or are we, as a people, so used to being helped and succoured that it all seems normal and none out of the ordinary? Because if that is so, then how can we be grateful for what was normal, is normal, and will be normal? Those receiving this kind of aid, however, must invest at home, full-stop. That's the only way I know of breaking the cruel cycle. To LaunchAfrica folks, I say rea leboha. To the kids getting aid, I say, use your brains, and think like ants.