Down with the LTB Webshite

There are at least seventeen sites that link to, and believe me 17 in-bound links for a country's tourism webpages is pathetic. But when you actually see the pages, you understand why. The webshite isn't about tourism in Lesotho, it isn't in fact about tourism anywhere, it is just there, using up valuable national cyberspace.

Swaziland's official tourism pages are appealing, and they are professional. There are at least 260 in-bound links to Swaziland's tourism pages. Botswana's has at least 160 in-bound links.

Are you still with me?

I've spoken about this before (first, second) and, frankly, right now I feel the need to do nothing else but get the pages in question removed from Lesotho's national cyberspace. This is cyber-squatting and I've just declared war on it.

My first step toward achieving this goal: I'm going to send an e-mail message to each of the 17 websites that link to, asking them to ask the Lesotho Tourist Board or the Ministry of Tourism to do something about the website. I will publish an example of the e-mail message in these pages. Let us hope that even if only one website sends a message of complaint, somebody will actually do something. If not, then I'll just have to find a second step, which might be writing an open letter directly to the Ministry of Tourism, or to the person in charge of the Lesotho Tourist Board.