Ordering Americans

USS Clueless speaks about ordering Americans versus requesting them:
Writing from South Africa, someone named S'thembiso Sangweni complains about President Bush in terms which are very familiar.

When our own homegrown voice of reason, Nelson Mandela, warned before the invasion of Iraq that US President George W Bush should be reined in because he was "a president who can't think", the world and the UN Security Council - toothless against the White House - looked the other way.

Now the American promise to bring the good life to the Iraqi people has been reduced to car bombs, thick black smoke from oil centres and pictures showing members of American and other allied forces ridiculing and imposing their will on those who see the world differently from them.

What a novel perspective! How unusual and fresh!

He concludes:
Bush must be ordered back to base, or else UN secretary-general Kofi Annan will remain just a man who is good at poetic speeches but thin on poetic justice.
Ordered? Who exactly is going to issue this order to the government of the United States? And what, exactly, will they do if we tell them to take a hike? [ Source... ]

Richard added a strong comment:
USS Clueless discovers the joy of our press corps. Left wing slant? No. Sadly this is main stream for the South African press.

Anti-Americanism has swept the land with a fervor not seen since Dragonbal-Z overthrew Pokemon as the biggest word in entertainment. Every morning when I drive to work I hear it on the radio, I read in the papers, my work colleges look at me skew every time I slap down another silly news distortion (I'm irritating that way, I know), the TV reports, especially the more supposedly more independent e-tv, are so laughable anti-American I 'can' only laugh. Every time I turn around there's another silly fool riding this wave.

Well, damit. America isn't making it any easier. Den Beste is always keen to point out that Americans think for themselves, that they don't need their government to form their own opinion. Newsflash! This is surprisingly the way it works in the rest of the world. Only the only damn news were getting is fricken anti-American. In America there is debate, here there seems to be total agreement. If I have to listen to another radio debate where a representative of counterpunch or move-on represents the American side of the debate I'm going to change channels to "Radio sonder grense". (Hear me, SAFM). [ Source... ]
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