Repairing the Past

Can we repair the past? No, we can't. Brandon has a post about repairing the past. How can we? I suppose it's an unfortunate choice of words, because what's done is done and cannot...can never be repaired. It can, however, be incapacitated. By that I mean to say that the damage can eventually be accepted and forgiven. Nobody can fix it. The sufferer and only the sufferer alone, barring God, can forgive it.

Brandon is my expert on mass reconciliation and forgiveness. But not on mass repairing. The sufferer is his or her own expert on that score. You must understand that for me reparations and repairing are two different concepts. The former is tangible and is often fiduciary, while the latter is intangible and has not been know to exist. Point me to the man or woman who can repair my soul and I'll give you reparations. It's as simple as that. Give me a million and one dollars as reparations, and my pain will remain as intense, if not more.

I've often wished for a reconciliation committee, South-African style, in Lesotho (See this post, too). But please know that it was to get neither reparations nor repairing. It was simply to know and to find out the truth, because when you lose someone and you don't know where and how and why and who... you die a little everyday, and you fight stubbornly to stay aloft, alive, and sane. Reparations aren't enough and repairing is impossible. But there's reconciliation. That's what is left. We don't have anything better. So reconciliation it is.