Web Shite

The web shite that sits on the Lesotho Tourist Board URL ( has not budged, despite this blogger's pleas for it to please be removed. This is national space, for crying out loud, and I for one would like to use it as such. A friend has just requested information about tourist activities in Lesotho. His folks may want to go through Lesotho on a visit to the region. The natural place to hunt for this kind of information is...naturally...the tourist body of the country in question. Well, ours has been usurped by this monstrosity, and I wonder how many people, genuinely looking for information, have been unceremoniously repulsed. Will it boil down to sending a letter to the ministry to get the web shite in question removed? I'm afraid so. In the meantime I have to go elsewhere (the list that I myself have put together) to get information for my friend.