Homesick South Africans

I just couldn't resist... I signed up. has a forum for "Homesick South Africans". I signed up anyway, even though I'm not a South-African. The latter is a question that has always intrigued me in a way: where do we draw the line between a Mosotho in Maseru and a Mosotho in Ladybrand, or even Bloemfontein? I know where politicians draw it, but where do we? This needs to be explored further and is the promising subject of a blog post. Back to the present post... the forum has several sections (politics, food and drinks--I thought of Kitsch'n'Zinc and biltong, economics, immigration/emigration, and so on). Have a look. Might prove interesting for some of you ZA bloggers out there. It seems to me that it is yet another way of getting closer to more people, another way of assuring dialogue, however haphazard that dialogue may be.