Kill the LTB webshite

Here is the latest e-mail message concerning the LTB webshite. This one went to the appropriate authorities, I dare to believe. The e-mail address was given to me by a third party who has also tried to get the website in question removed, to no avail. My fingers and my toes are crossed.
Ntate M***,

My name's Rethabile Masilo. I'm writing to you today because I've been struggling to get a website ( ) noticed so that it may be removed. I believe that the present status of the site, and the fact that it sits on national web space ( Lesotho Tourist Board space ), gives Lesotho a bad image among potential tourists. It is my view that tourism in Lesotho is necessary, needs to be actively developed, and is actually being overlooked. We can't afford to turn back even one potential visitor. Here is what I have previously said, and tried to do, about the website in question ( ):

Those who click on get information about a firm called Adelfang, not about Lesotho. Who is Adelfang and why are they getting advertisement on the back of Basotho? Why are they webjacking our tourists? What is the likelihood that a person who comes upon these non-professional pages will actually persist and try to find tourism-related information by other means? Virtually nil. They'll probably end up going to Swaziland or Botswana or South Africa, the three of which have relevant and professional looking pages. Turning away potential visitors is like refusing the promise of a future income, and the prospect of building a positive tourist industry for Lesotho.

Please do all you can to ensure that these pages are removed, and that future pages in this space are informative, professional and attractive.

Kea leboha
Rethabile Masilo