Ntate, 'Mè,

This is the second email message I'm sending to this address in relation with the Tourist Board website. The website is inappropriate and misleading, because it is not at all about tourism in Lesotho. Apart from tainting the good name of our country and our people, the site in question may actually serve to drive away potential visitors to Lesotho. If you clicked on a link that promises take-away sushis, and you landed instead on a website that sells shoes, surely you would try elsewhere without bothering to dig up other means of contacting the original sushi restaurant. That's what I would do. And I'm afraid that's what a lot of people have done and are doing and will do whenever they click on and land on Adelfang's website.

Please have this website shut down, removed or improved. We need to convince people to visit Lesotho, and this website may be convincing them not to do so.

I have written many messages such as the one you're reading, but I have got neither action nor reply. And shortly, if the situation does not change, I will have to think up other means of at least getting the dreaded site looked at, at which point I'm certain it will be removed immediately.

Rethabile Masilo