Nightmare from Hell

Buildings were set on fire and the contents of most shops stolen. At the border post with South Africa, a steady stream of foreigners have been fleeing Lesotho. Most diplomatic staff have been evacuated and South African citizens have been warned that they could become the target of revenge attacks.
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This was of course in September 1998. Protesters were barring civil servants from going to work and so on because they didn't like election results. It is a 'nightmare' because it is one of those things that will always haunt me, and 'hell' because Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho, was burned to the ground. Given that we're one of the poorest countries in the world, the whole thing was a big fuck-up. I'm no economist, as I've often said, but there must be some way of measuring the damage, or should I say damages? The harm was not only material but psychological on a national scale. Will we ever manage to just, like, get out of the coup rut, and stay out? The culprit is that old African mentality that has Liberia and other countries civil-warring: every man wants to play leader, no matter who is or was democratically appointed leader.