Removing the LTB Webshite

My endeavours to get the LTB webshite removed or improved haven't borne any fruit yet. I have received no word from the authorities nor from the folks whose help I'm seeking. But I'm pushing on. Unhappily, plan C is beginning to take form in my mind. My latest request looks like this:
Sir, Madam,

I'm writing to ask you to write an e-mail. You're linking (Insert URL of webpage that has the link) to a site that isn't what it should be. That site is "" of the Lesotho Tourist Board.

You may read what I've previously said about it here:,,

Please ask them to improve or replace it with a more appropriate website. I'm not asking you to remove the link from your pages -- we need all the advertisement we can get. Please keep the link, but get the site behind the link changed.

Thank you

Rethabile Masilo

PS: Please post your request at, or use the following information:

Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture
P. 0. Box 52
Maseru 100

TELEPHONE: +266-313034

I was unable to find an email address for the ministry.

Alternatively, you can link to and, two informative and professional pages that should, in fact, replace the one we want to remove.