Women Easy Prey for H.I.V.

Rachel sent me the link by e-mail, and Richard blogged it. Basotho are dying from HIV/AIDS, and the cause, not of the infection but of the rapid spreading of the virus, is poverty. A-B-C, that's how simple it is. Get the poverty and you get the f*****g virus. Women are especially vulnerable for a variety of reasons. Africa as a whole needs to wake up to the fact that it was built and is held together by women, yet they are precisely who we're destroying. That's stupid. Perhaps it is one of the reasons we're going downhill, and headed for the bottomless pit? The article, in part, says that
"'One woman will go out with four or five men,' said Bolelwa Falten, a 26-year-old former seamstress. 'One will help with the rent. One, maybe, will drive a taxi and take her to and from work. One will help with food. One will help her pay her installments.'
Experts refer to such desperate arrangements by the dry term 'transactional sex.' This is one reason, though hardly the only one, that in Lesotho H.I.V. infects one in four men aged 15 to 24 - and one in two women."
Wow! When they coin a word for it you know it's here to stay, or at least deeply entrenched. A new word means the whole world is a-buzz with the idea, with the situation, and they don't know what the hell to call it. That's how deep we are in this business. It'll take a lot of guts and brains to get us out of this one, folks, so grit your teeth and brace yourselves... we're in for a long haul. God help us.