The African Male

The African male's obsession with masculinity is disconcerting. It leads to war and strife. Most African men, most of the time, are in the process of showing somebody who's boss--usually their spouse--who's usually the literal homemaker. Without these women the blokes wouldn't know their left hands from their right feet. But it is precisely with those left hands that the women are slapped around and violated, and with those feet that their arses are kicked.

Most African men think they should screw every other woman, plus their spouse, for good measure. This tends to belittle women in general and encourage the spread of VD and AIDS. The popular belief is that donning a condom is being a sissy; few African men believe that dying from or transmitting the virus of death is being a sissy. They have probably never thought of it along those lines.

To be sure, the African male can also be found elsewhere. The too-cool rapper or the red-necked hillbilly. Every continent has its share of the African male. Africa just seems to have more than its share.