Ancestral worship?

"Lesotho is on [sic] of the smallest countries in the world with an area of 30,355 [sic] Though Lesotho is officially open to the gospel, the people have given themselves over to ancestral worship. Less that 2% of the 2.2 million citizens are evangelical Christians*. The Basotho people need someone to go and model true Christianity."
Ouch! Pardon my saying so but, ...I think that it happened in 1833 when Eugène Casalis arrived in Lesotho. Wait a minute, what do you mean, true Christianity? You mean the one where people stand still like statues when singing a hymn? You mustn't mean that, because worshipping is done right when the worshipper's heart is happy, not scared. If you're gonna praise God, then go ahead and praise God, don't mumble. Let it all hang out. But perhaps that's not what's bothering you with Christianity in Lesotho.

Is American Christianity the Christianity? I'm assuming you are American. Do you really think we need someone to come over and model true Christianity for us? What that says, quite outright, is that ours is not true. What is it? Is it too poor? Too black? Too third-worldly instead of other-worldly? If you'd like to go to Lesotho to help, because help is needed, then do so. But do it with a purer heart. Otherwise please do not budge from wherever you are. And please desist from patronising us in that fashion. It does not sit well with me, and I'm one of the more patient ones.
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*How did you come to this figure? Get the right numbers here, here and here.