Please remove it

I've got one seemingly good e-mail address, many phone numbers and even more snail-mail addresses, but no time. I can't spend too much time begging to have a webshite modified or removed. My campaign is fuelled by the basic fact that the webshite in question is not what it says it is, does not do what it says it does, and goes further to actually degrade Lesotho and its cultural image. But what choice do I have?I have written to webmasters whose sites have the bad link and asked them to complain to the appropriate authorities. I have no way of knowing whether they did so or not, but even if they didn't, this fight belongs less to them (foreign sites) and more to the people of Lesotho. I have also e-mailed the webmaster of the government website (, to no avail. I've also e-mailed the person directly in charge of the unwanted webshite. Not a word.
What choice do I have? Fight on and get that thing made right or removed. There is absolutely no way, in my view, Lesotho should be telling the world to look at it through that particular window. It isn't Lesotho's, to start with. So what I'm going to do now is send an e-mail per day to the person in charge of the webshite, an e-mail per day to the webmaster of the government site, and snail-mail per week to the ministry of tourism, all for a month. That's about 60 e-mails and four letters. I will post as many of them as possible, based mainly on whether they bring new facts or angles into the situation or not. Why? I need all the help I can get, and the more people are aware this, the better the chances that help will be forthcoming.
Don't you go getting me wrong, though. My aim is not to antagonise anyone. Heaven knows how I value pulling together. The aim is to knock harder on the door so that I'm either told to come in or to go away. The aim is not to elicit a "Yes," but to get action, which could be in the form of "Yes" or "No" or "Hmmm?" This endeavour is important enough for me to go ahead and use time I don't have until I receive that evasive Hi, I got your e-mail about the Tourism Board website.

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