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I'm still trying to get a response from somebody about the removal of an inappropriate webshite. One of my e-mails was rejected by the destination server, although previous e-mails to the same address had gone through. I went over to the dreaded webshite and decided to visit their Submit News page and submit my request. I did. Normally somebody reviews the news and decides whether to put it online or not. I'm not holding my breath. Here is what I submitted.
This website is sitting at the address of the Lesotho Tourist Board, but I don't see anything on it concerning tourism in Lesotho. What gives?

I have sent several e-mail messages about this discrepancy, and have received no reply. My request is simple: please modify this website so that it reflects Lesotho, its people and their culture, or remove it from the eyes of the world.

If you are interested in having people from other parts of the world visit Lesotho, then action must be taken. Tourists can do a lot of good to an economy, but what we seem to be doing with this website is turn them away.

Thank you for your attention.

Rethabile Masilo