My wish list

I've often seen bloggers and other webmasters place a wishlist in a conspicuous corner of their page. Talk about conspicuous, I'm gonna post my wish list. The order isn't particularly important. But what does Rethabile want? The ten things I want the most, right now, are as follows:
  1. A job in Lesotho, South-Africa or Botswana,
  2. A large or even XL Lesotho T-shirt
  3. Lessons to get me to speak Spanish,
  4. The prompt removal of a parasitic webshite,
  5. A Truth and reconciliation Committee in Lesotho to find out what really happened and to give answers that will pave the way to healing,
  6. My parents to work in London again,
  7. Alicia Keys's album, the one with the 'You don't know my name' number,
  8. Someone to stop the wanton killing of children and other innocent people, conducted under the banner of religion; someone to stop it, not to egg it on,
  9. My son, Benjamin, to play football like Roger Milla and Mochini Matete rolled into one; my daughter, Diane, to sing like Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight and Alicia Keys rolled into one,
  10. Peace on earth.
  11. Return tickets to Lesotho for four people.