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Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 16:48:26 +0100
From: "Rethabile Masilo"
Subject: Lesotho Tourist Board Website
To: m*****

Ntate M****o N****a,

Khotso. I would just like to bring your attention to my plight. I have been trying to understand why Adelfang occupies national cyberspace behind the Lesotho Tourist Board web address, Please read what I have to say at the following link:, and please take swift action to redress the situation.

Kea leboha
Rethabile Masilo
I obtained an email address, I sent a message, it came flying back to me. It was a good address, or so it seemed, because the server belongs to the company that is squatting the Lesotho Tourist Board webspace. Isn't anyone's address in Lesotho valid? Trustworthy? Snail-mail. That still works, so I'll use it. What the heck. It is absurd, nevertheless, that a simple citizen is practically unable to get through to the relevant authorities. That isn't one of the features of what I and a lot of other folks call democracy. But, hey, what do you want? Let's try, and try, again...