The World's Shortest Blog

Interesting weblog, with its one, simple question. There has only ever been one post to the blog; the blurb says, "The MicroBlog Dedicated To One Simple Question." Itching to go find out what the question is? Wait, there's more. There's a bounty for the person or organisation that can prove they have performed what the blogger requires. He or she -- the blogger, I mean -- has set up a Paypal account so those who'd like to contribute to the bounty, increasing it and making it more enticing, may do so. At the time of writing this post, the bounty was $2091.00. Okay, here's the link:
The World's Shortest Blog: Just One Question...

Why that particular question? Has Mr Bush ever been... you know, the question in the blog? If he has, do any of you know of a link or two to an article about it?